11 Mar 2010

first flower brooch i sold

i sold this flower to a nice lady on ebay - i hope she is enjoying it!
this one is a bit more grown up than the pink and denim flowers i have made for friends and family, which are more funky.

here's how i did it

drew three different sized flowers on card and used them as a template
drew the outlines of the flowers onto bondaweb
(fusible webbing with a peel off paper backing- wonder under in the US)
cut around them leaving a small border
chose 3 co-ordinating fabrics and pressed them (boring but essential)
ironed the bondaweb onto the wrong side of each fabric
cut out the flowers along the pencil outlines - sharp scissors needed
peeled the paper backing off the flowers and pressed them onto brown felt with a hot iron
once fused, cut them out leaving a tiny border of brown fabric showing
(or a huge border - depends what look you are after)
used good quality embroidery thread to stitch each flower to its felt layer by hand
stitched a vintage button to the centre - giong through each layer to assemble the flower
stitched a brooch fastener to the bottom flower
tada (about 3 hours work)
i love them and i wear one every day - on a jacket, bag, or pumps

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