10 Mar 2010

round petal flowers with suffolk puffs

i made these from fabric squares that i bought from a vintage supplier.
they are lovely on my little girls' school coats - although the shade of the pink coat clashes horribly!
but they love them and tell everyone mummy stitched them - bless my little angels.

how i did it
cut 6 3" x 3" squares of fabric (matching, co-ordinating or a crazy mix up)
fold each into triangles and press with a hot iron
stitch a loose running stitch along both open sides leaving the folded side as is
hold the corner you started at and pull the thread to
gather your petal into a nice round shape
without knotting or cutting your thread,
start your running stitch on the next triangle
when all 6 are done attach the first to the last petal and knot your thread
cover the centre hole with a button, badge, fabric circle
or whatever you can find

i used reversed suffolk puffs (yoyos in the USA) for the centres of these -
the right sides looked too fussy
i slipped in a circle of craft foam to keep the shape
as i stitched it to the edges of the petals

for DD1 flower on the pink coat i used 3 different patterned fabrics from the same range
and put the same petals opposite each other on the flower
for DD2 flower on the white coat i used 3 different patterned fabrics again
but put 2 petals the same side by side in 3 groups
i can't decide which i prefer, and since the fabrics are very similar
it is hard to tell on these
maybe i will go crazy on the next one and pick 2, 3 or even 6 very different prints
and see how that looks

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