15 Oct 2010

friday again

well here we are, the end of another week (0ne i'm glad to see the back of after a friend's funeral). i did promise myself a folksy friday blog - and i even picked a theme and gathered my favourite folksy items, but that's as far as i got, and now it's almost midnight it seems a bit late.

since hubby is working looong hours lately, and with 2 birthday parties (9yo and 4yo) to tackle next week, i have not had a lot of time to dedicate to being creative - apart from inventing new swear words, where my creativity knows no bounds :)

i have managed to make tiny amounts of progress on the eco tote bags for folksy, and i thought i would share my steps so far:

1. hand draw hearts on the paper backing of bondaweb (i like mine asymmetrical)
2. cut out with a 2mm border (ish)
3. iron onto chosen fabrics - i've gone dotty for this one, and recycled denim (goes without saying)

4. cut out hearts with nice sharp fabric scissors

5. position the hearts, right side up, on a cotton tote bag you have previously made or shop bought, and peel off the backing paper once you are happy

6. press each heart with a hot iron (use the highest setting for the fabric) for about 5 seconds, until the fabric won't peel off when tested

7. now that all the fabric hearts are held in place and stabilised with bondaweb, i am ready to start hand applique, with good quality embroidery floss.

more on this next week, because i still won't have finished it!

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