23 Oct 2010

old trunks

Not the swimming sort with the dodgy elastic - I mean wicked old storage trunks.

My mum saw one in a home magazine today and it reminded me of the one we had in our first house. It was a huge wooden trunk, painted black gloss - and gorgeously battered and worn.
We used it as a bench, storage box, coffee table, nightstand and even a step when we couldn't be bothered to fetch the ladders! I think it had a home in every room in the house at some point in the three years we lived there.

I bought it on the day we moved in for £20, from "Lennie's house clearance" - the shop next door to us. I believe Lennie is still there, with his leaky ceiling and draughty doors!

It somehow got left behind in the back of the hall cupboard (still full of some of my favourite art books) on the day we moved out, and the horrid landlord would not give me the keys back to get it out when I realised weeks later. I often lament the loss of my favourite junk shop find.

I have never seen a great old trunk in any of the charity shops, house clearances or salvagers I have roamed into (not that I could afford anyway!)

So I'm going to make my own. Oh yes, I am. I was tempted to buy a good, strong storage box in unfinished wood, and then add all the decorative hinges, locks, corners etc, but the ones I have seen are very disappointing: overpriced, poor quality, tiny, covered in cheap veneer, or sporting useless flimsy legs...

So the hunt will continue for a big old trunk, and if I can't find one soon, I'm going to damn well D-I-Y

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