14 Jan 2011

aah that's better...

I have treated myself to a nice bit of jewellery making this week.

This was the first craft I ever tried, and I made jewellery for myself, friends and family.
That was when I was 15 (20 years ago *ahem*) and I loved my hobby.
Me and my best mate Charlie used to go mental when the new bead catalogue arrived and be on the phone for hours talking through it page by page and writing lists!

I used to spend all my pocket money and part time wages on Janet Coles beads (remember her?) - I bet she took early retirement thanks to us :)

My Mum got loads of compliments when she wore my jewellery, and she was my best saleswoman ever (still is - thanks Mum). I started to make things to sell, and built up a nice pot of spending money for myself over the summer holidays after my GCSEs.

Aah, life was so simple back then: no bills; no responsibilities; all the time in the world; perfect eyesight!

So now I'm off supply shopping, and I will definitely be treating myself to more jewellery making from now on. It was so enjoyable and relaxing - much better than "bloody crochet" :)

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