18 Jan 2011

gumball invasion

I have just spent 3 hours drawing. It's the first drawing I've done so far this year, since I hurt my arm in a car accident before Christmas.

It's hard to describe, but I feel like I've got something off my chest: like sharing a secret. Maybe the act of creating art again is therapeutic. I rediscovered a long forgotten obsession with my gumball invasion drawings from my degree work. As soon as I picked up the pen, it just flowed out! Are they going to take over the world, or just my brain?

The drawings I did for my degree were huge, and each one took a few weeks, so I wasn't sure how they would work in a smaller format. I have decided to do some ACEOs, to get back into drawing, so I can finish a piece in one day, and not have half done bits hanging around, staring at me!

The ACEOs I have collected and swapped are an eclectic mix, so I might put a few of mine on Folksy if I'm happy with them, although I don't know if they will speak to anyone enough for them to part with hard earned cash for them...

I have only ever drawn for the sake of drawing, and never offered any of my drawings for sale (even in my degree show), so I'm really nervous about the reaction they will get. It's like opening your brain and letting people look in and tell you what they think. I'm feeling vulnerable and exposed right now, and half of me is thinking I might just hide them somewhere safe!

Here's a bit of the one I finished lastnight...

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