9 Jan 2011

I thought craft was supposed to be relaxing...

Which is never a good start to a blog, but a fair warning of the moaning to come...
I have had the most frustrating crafting week ever!

If you follow me @maytreelane on twitter, you will be painfully aware of my crochet attempts of the last week: lots of swearing and teeth blowing, officially renaming crochet to "bloody crochet", followed by a tantrum and storming off to bed. Not a girl to be defeated so easily, I went back for more, tail between my legs, yarn in knots and tatters. Armed with Kirstie Allsop's Homemade Home book (thanks mum) and the internet, I set out to learn double crochet (or dc. or something else if you are American - just to confuse me).

I can do a mean foundation chain (well who can't?) but the instructions for double crochet in the book had me baffled. I seemed to be missing out a vital step, and the diagram didn't show me exactly which "space between the chains" I was aiming for. So I turned to eHow and Youtube, and found 6 million (almost) tutorial videos.

Some of these had super slow motion sections (for the crochetically challenged like me), and I sussed it straight away. This has left me reeling, as I am a devout book reader, and believe anything in the world worth knowing can be learned from a book. So now I have had to admit that the videos won hands down, and I picked it up much easier (don't get me wrong, my attempt was technically correct but bloody ugly and uneven).

All of this prompted my husband (who sat quietly in the corner, racing his pixel car) to dare to say "I thought craft was supposed to be relaxing"...

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