25 Jan 2011

Sewing adventures with a slippery sleeping bag

Well, I've had a very productive night :)

I dipped my toe in at the shallow end first, by sewing another simple sleeping bag from felt for the other Zhu Zhu Hamster!

Then I jumped in at the deep end, and attempted to line one of those horrible slippery nylon sleeping bags with brushed cotton (a human size sleeping bag this time).

I briefly considered making a whole new sleeping bag. Then I realised it would involve a really big zip, and zips frighten the bejesus out of me. So I gave myself a big slap, and decided to line the one we have with something nice and soft.

This is unknown territory for me. I can only just sew a straight line through 2 layers of thin cotton that have been pinned, so tackling 2 layers of slippery nylon, a layer of wadding and a thick cotton sheet was a bit worrying.

But the sleeping bag was unusable in its current state, and I was about to buy a new one, so there was nothing to lose in trying to make do and mend this one (I’ve become a bit of an over-analyser, in case you hadn’t noticed)...

And if I do say so myself, it came out much better than I expected. A bit wobbly sometimes on the old zigzag stitch, but not enough for me to throw it away and cry :) So now it's back in use on my oldest girl's bed, since they all went mad on sleeping bags when we camped in the back garden last year. And she said it's "all cuddly", so that's good enough for me.

I wonder if I will be blogging in 2012 about actually making something on my intimidating machine?

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