10 Feb 2011

Folksy Friday: Bring Out Your Geeks!

This week was my luvvly hubby's birthday, and since his job is making computer games for Playstations, I've had a peek at the gloriously geeky gear that can be found on fabulously funky folksy (alright chill out with the alliteration* woman)!

How cool is this stuff? It's geektastic...

How cool are these? I think even my wash-shy 9 year old could be persuaded into a good scrub with these little beauties :)

I know this is not strictly about computers, but who can resist this passport cover?

He has portable hard drives coming out of his ears, but none look as ace as this retro game cartridge one!

He doesn't have to wear a shirt to work (that's how geeky his job is!) but if he did, I know he would want these cufflinks...

OK this one is for me, but he is a luvvly hubby, so I'm sure he wouldn't mind :)

How jealous would his geeky workmates be if he had this on his desk? Very, that's how.

He only drinks bottled water, so there's no excuse for buying these - except that I love them <3 After all that, I only actually bought one Folksy item for his birthday this time. He is a fruit maniac, and the pickiest apple consumer I've ever met, so I got him this knitted apple cosy, and he is now the envy of all geekdom! Oh yes he is.

*I would like to point out that I didn't use the word alliteration just to show off, I used it to look more geeky...and show off. And i learned it from my 9 year old, so I'm not as clever as I think now I look at it that way.


  1. Thank you for featuring my green 3.5" floppy disk notebook. I'm honoured. :-)

    What a FAB selection for your Folksy Friday! Pacman, Lego, Space Invaders...! Geek heaven indeed.

    Caroline (Mint To Be Stationery).

  2. Really cool FF Blog! What made me giggle is tat some young peeps may not actually recognise some of the items, technology and the games market moves so fast!

    Natalie x

  3. Superb geeky FF! I LOVE the pink robot necklace!

    Katie x

  4. Very cool! I've had my eye on those space raiders for a while... :)

  5. @Natalie - yes I felt very old explaining some of these to my oldest son!

    there was so much to choose from on Folksy, I could have gone on all day...

  6. Brilliant choices - the space invaders passport cover is fantastic. I really like the apple cosy too that you bought!

  7. Thank you for featuring my Space Raiders passport ^_^

    Loving the hard drive!! Think I'm a geek at heart too...


  8. This is my most favourite FF so far! I've got a great new selection of favourite shops and some wonderful ideas for birthday presents.