2 Feb 2011

Folksy Friday: Tip toes, Tutus and Tiaras

  • Tutu...check
  • Tiara...check
  • Pumps...check
  • Leotard...check
  • Tip toes...check
  • Tantrums...well, let's hope not!
My oldest little girl got a silver medal in her Royal Academy of Dance primary exam this week,
so I have picked my favourite ballet themed Folksy items.
Please click the pics for more info, prices and to meet the lovely creators :)

These are so gorgeous, do you think Dannie would make some in my size?

This foam doll is amazing - and looks just like my little Georgia :)

My girls would love one of these door signs for their bedroom...

My girls are always scribbling away, drawing and writing lists, these jotters are perfect!

This keepsake box from Dottie could keep that first tiny pair of ballet pumps safe *sniff sniff*

And this pump bag could keep the new ones safe as well :)

This sweet bear card would be nice for my youngest daughter who also does ballet <3
I LOVE badges, what more can I say?


  1. Thanks so much for including my little ballerina slippers!

  2. Gorgeous choices and congrats to your daughter for her medal! :)

  3. Beautiful collection, well done and well done also to your daughter for her medal, you must be very proud!

  4. Congratulations to your daughter on her medal.
    A beautiful selection and all very cute. Linda

  5. Congratulations to your girl and well done on your brilliant FF. x

  6. thanks everyone. i was really stressing out about getting clickable pictures to work!
    there is so much talent on folksy, i hope i get chance to do a folksy friday every week :)

  7. what a lovely theme, and congrats to your daughter on her medal. I love those knitted pumps

    Kate x

  8. ohh everything is lovely, great selection! xx