23 Feb 2011


I love red. Always have. It’s a statement colour, and I think that's why some people are intimidated by it. It shouts out that you are here, and that's fine by me! It stands alone, and doesn't play well with others. It is a symbol of power, confidence, danger, aggression and action. But also of passion and love...

Days when I wear red feel different to days when I wear pink or purple. Like Tiger Woods in his lucky red shirt. Even my other half admits to wearing his lucky red boxers on our first date (I can’t verify this you filthy minded beasts, I’m not that kinda girl!)

The first few weeks after I redo my red hair, when it’s super true red, I am so much more confident and happy. Red is such a big part of my identity, and I didn't know how much til I wrote this.

I knew a girl years ago called Black and Red Mandy. Nobody ever used her last name, she was just Black and Red Mandy. She only ever wore red and black, every day, for every occasion. She only ever had black or red hair. She was stylish and smart, and I would have loved to raid her wardrobe!

Come back on Friday to see my Wear Red Day Folksy Friday


  1. I love bright colours but too scared to wear them myself, so I put it on the girls instead. Somebody pointed out I've been making more red bags lately :). Can't wait for your Folksy Friday. Lin x

  2. I've fallen in and out of love with red my whole life, but am madly in love with it again now. I have a red hooded coat and love it!