12 Mar 2011

a slight change in direction...

I have realised there is quite a difference in the style of the jewellery I make for myself, and the jewellery I have made for other people, like this lilac flower brooch.

My taste is not as classically pretty as the things I sell, and is much more eclectic. I am always happier with the results when I make whatever I want, and not what I think someone else will like.

Sooo... in the last few weeks I have made fabric brooches that are more the style of what I wear myself, and listed them in my Folksy shop, to see how they are received!

I have really enjoyed making them, and I think I will continue with this slight change in direction, as well as making pretty fabric flowers.

What do you think?


  1. I like the Pink and Green round one the best...reminds me of an English garden (-;

  2. They are very pretty. I think the bottom one is my favourite. Linda

  3. I like the ones you design for yourself more, the other ones are lovely too though, Nic ♥

  4. They're really great. Mini pictures really. Julia

  5. oh thank you all so much - you have made my day. It's always worrying when you show people something you have made yourself!
    lisamarie x