1 Apr 2011

Folksy Friday: my family

I did a game on the forums last week, where you type your first name into the search box on folksy, and see what you find!
These games are great for finding new talent and shops that you might have missed. My name is Lisamarie, and I got a Lisa Simpson hat when I searched! I was so impressed I decided to search for all 6 of us as my folksy friday this week.
Click on the pic to jump to the shop and see all the brill stuff these creative creatures have been making :)

Tasha's Handmade: LISA crochet hat - I really, really want one (me LISAMARIE)

Alix Swan: Thumbelina Hans CHRISTIAN Anderson badges (hubs CHRISTIAN)

Eeksie Peeksie Ceramics: CAMERON gnome!(oldest boy monkey CAMERON DOMINIC)

Sockbellies: GEORGIA the sock creature (oldest girl monkey GEORGIA HOLLY)

The Qulited Teacup: tiger LILY notebook (youngest girl monkey KIRA LILY)

Little red robin: Elvis PRESLEY pocket mirror (youngest boy monkey OAKLEY PRESLEY)


  1. This is a really brilliant idea! :) Well done you. The Lisa hat is fab!

  2. So cool! What a great idea. Haven't visited Alix Swann's shop for a while - I must pop over and have a catch up. x

  3. Great idea! They are all lovely, the hat and gnome especially made me smile. Linda

  4. I love the Elvis pocket mirror!

  5. Thanks for including me in your Friday blog, love the other items, great idea.
    Eeksie Peeksie xxx

  6. Georgia is gorgeous! I love her :)

  7. go georgia go you need more in your family xxx

  8. Thankyou so much for adding Georgie to the rest of the lovely items here! It's made my day! Xxx well done everyone else too!!