24 Jun 2011

Folksy Friday: the Fabulous Fifties

As my lovely Mum in Law Marie is 60 this weekend, I have chosen the 1950s, when she was born, as this week's folksy friday theme. What a great era for design and fashion! I would have loved to be around then. And in the 20s and 30s. And 40s. And 70s. I was just born in the wrong decade basically! Click on the pic to visit the shop :)

Vintage red polka dot chair from Dear Old Blighty

Phil's Drive In pin up girl bag from Uniquely Different

T-Bird T-Shirt from Retro Without a Cause

50's Hostess Apron from Jacqueline Jones

Pretty Penny 50s Charm Bracelet from Pinup Trash

Vintage Cushion Cover from Audrey's Cat
If you are a fan of retro fabric this lady is the lady to know - check out her shop!


  1. What a stunning collection! Your're feature gallery will be a wish list for many retro and vintage fans.

    Wishing your Mother-in-law a happy birthday!

    Natalie x

  2. Happy Birthday to your Mum-in-law. A brilliant collection. Linda

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mum In Law! Thanks for featuring my cushions!

  4. Great picks - I love that chair!

  5. All so me! Super picks...The Hostess Apron is my favourite...fun and kitch! In the 1980's I dressed like a teenager from the 1950's (-;

  6. Great selection- I love the chair! x

  7. Love the apron and chair. Hmmm, got me thinking about a new theme for my kitchen!

  8. Wishing your Mother-in-law a very happy birthday!

    Great blog Lisamarie :-)
    Thanks for using my spotty apron in your blog & thank you for nice comments about it.
    I really do love the 50's & I'm trying to design my kitchen on Cath Kidston style, mixed with a 50's look :-)
    Jacqueline http://www.folksy.com/shops/JacquelineJones

  9. Love your designs!! Really pretty! : )