20 Jun 2011

I've got to admit...

I hate promoting myself.

I love designing things. I love sketching new ideas. I love shopping for materials, and finding amazing treasures to recycle. I love sewing. I love jewellery making. I even love ironing (only projects - not proper ironing with clothes and stuff).

But I can't be faffed with all this self promotion stuff. And now everyone keeps telling me it's the most important part of what I do. Damn! Really? Are you sure? If I just make cute little things and put them in cyberspace, won't they find their way to new owners? No? Oh...

I use twitter, and chat to some lovely people. And I do tweet about my shop and products...sometimes. My PR man (hubs) says I should put a link to my twitter profile here >>>
maytreelane on twitter

I have a facebook business page, and I put photos of new products on there...sometimes. PR man is watching, better give you a link >>> maytreelane UK on facebook

And my folksy shop is where you can find the aforementioned little things >>>
maytreelane's folksy shop

But if I'm honest, joking aside, I would rather just be sewing! I would love to make a small living (or even a modest contribution!) doing what I love, but am I willing to be a shameless self promoter if that's what it takes? I'm still not sure...

If I sold enough to pay for more lovely fabric, buttons and beads without going bankrupt, then maybe that's good enough. I love my hobby, and I wonder if turning it into a small business would spoil it?

How have you all found the switch from hobby to selling? I'd love to hear your experiences - and tips!
Lisamarie xx


  1. I'm rubbish at promoting my business too. I have a Facebook and Twitter for it but I come from humble stock and don't like blowing my own trumpet.

    I do find it really hard to 'big up' myself, but some people I know do it really well. Good luck finding the right balance :) x

  2. thanks leah - yes it's so hard biggin stuff up when you have designed and made it yourself. it would be easy to sell other people's stuff cos you don't feel so shy about saying it's ace!! maybe we should swap and promote each other! x